Almost 4000 Requests/sec on Vista running IIS 7

Bill Staples is a long time web enthusiast currently working at Microsoft Corporation as the Product Unit Manager for the Internet Information Services (IIS) team. And he bloged an entry at Blogs.IIS.Net where he writes about IIS 7 running a Vista at superman speed… And this is on a desktop machine, imagine such power on a server… Whohaa…

IIS on Vista is a lot more powerful than previous releases of IIS on the Windows professional SKUs. It is much less restrictive and can now be used a as a fully capable Web server. For the first time, it’s also available on Home SKUs of Windows as well, which will hopefully make it great for those still in school or hobbyists at home. The lack of these annoying roadblocks made my experience using IIS7/Vista so much fun this weekend, and I’m sure you’ll experience the same result. Check back soon for the other reasons I fell in love with IIS7 on Vista. 🙂

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