Select All does not work in Vista

I discovered on unusual bug/feature in Vista.
Most of the times it is not possible to “select all” (CTRL+A, etc etc) the files or folders in some directories. Which makes copying a royal pain in the PEEP.

Some other symptoms are:

  • Select All option in Edit menu is disabled (greyed-out)
  • Mouse highlight over and drag does not work.

Of course I searched the internet looking for people that were having the same problem. There were some suggestions to do a Reset on the folders but that didn’t work for me.

Then I found someone that made a modification to the registry which works. 🙂

  1. Open Regedit
  2. Navigate to HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\
  3. Delete the Bags & BagMRU keys

Windows Explorer should be its normal self again.

Hope this helps.

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16 thoughts on “Select All does not work in Vista”

  1. thanks man, i had the same problem, the first time i reinstall vista, the second time u saved me

  2. Really wonderfull, thanks! And lotsw shit to Vista (I am still thinking about reinstall my nice Windows XP Professional SP2).
    Best regards from Barcelona (Spain)

  3. It’s works for me.
    Windows Vista Home Premium zh-tw.
    Thank you so much.

  4. Thank you very much it really worked for me. You saved my time

  5. But the reset folder workaround only works for that folder and not for all the folders…so I think this workaround is a bit more effective. But thanks for sharing the official Microsoft KB here…

  6. I have got the same problem. can’t select multiple files.. i tried to do the above solution but didn’t worked. i deleted the BAG and BagMRU keys. but as soon as i open explorer, the same problem remains..

    Any body have any clue..


  7. This worked for me, too. It has saved me a ton of time (of course, much time has been wasted on this little point already!).


  8. I have Windows 64 bit Vista (Business), and deleting the BAG and BagMRU keys has not solved the issue of multiple select in WIndows explorer. Please can anyone else give me any other ideas?

    I use this machine for Customer demonstrations, and apart from the inconvenience, it is an extremely bad showcase for the WIndows vista product!

  9. THANKS MAN ! You saved my ass …. this bug is one of my top #3 in Vista !!!!!

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