Wanna know which application pool is used by your application?

Some times I check if my applications are still using the proper application pools (I am not the only administrator of the IIS servers 😉 ). You can do this with the IIS GUI ofcourse but you can also use scripting (checking a lot of servers/application and application pools can be a pain in the !@#$%). So I created a little script to do that. Continue reading “Wanna know which application pool is used by your application?”

Microsoft Windows PowerShell 1.0 RC2

Microsoft Windows PowerShell command line shell and scripting language helps IT Professionals achieve greater productivity. Using a new admin-focused scripting language, more than 130 standard command line tools, and consistent syntax and utilities, Windows PowerShell allows IT Professionals to more easily control system administration and accelerate automation. Continue reading “Microsoft Windows PowerShell 1.0 RC2”